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The trails in the West Bragg Creek area are subject to high usage and provide facilities for excellent recreation opportunities regardless of your chosen discipline. The trail network was even featured as one of ten coast-to-coast gems for mountain biking by Canadian Cycling Magazine (http://braggcreektrails.org/files/Can-Cycling-Mag.pdf).


However, it could be a very different story, imagine this: you are out on a beautiful trip for the day on your bike and everything is going well until you encounter a trail junction that was, up until that point well marked, only to find no direction notice anywhere. The most important contributions are often overlooked or most commonly never a topic of discussion; but a poorly maintained trail or poor signage can cause issues for people attempting to recreate in the area and go a long way to ruin your day trip. With the National Parks the question of maintenance is usually easily answered but what about outside of those areas– West Bragg Creek being a key example?


Fortunately, for outdoor enthusiasts who regularly recreate in the West Bragg area, the trails are extremely well maintained and signed, and an extremely good .pdf copy of the map is available for free to download or a paper copy is available to purchase locally so the hypothetical problem of navigation is never a reality, every junction is well marked and a map is usually close to hand. Founded in 2004, The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association (GBCTA) are responsible for the continual maintenance and signage, among other things, that ensure outdoors people everywhere can run, bike and hike in the area with one less navigational worry to concentrate on. However, everyone at the GBCTA are putting in this effort solely on a on a voluntary basis and they receive no external funding other than donations and self-facilitated fundraising.


We regularly venture forth into the outdoors and a lot of collective time is spent roaming the trails in Kananaskis so for us it is logical to want to help out the GBCTA since we utilise the trails maintained by them as the backdrop for many a great adventure. We are currently acting as a proxy for donation to the GBCTA by offering that chance for everyone to donate $2 or $5 with every purchase and all the proceeds will be donated to further help with the development and maintenance of the trail network in the West Bragg area.


If you would like to investigate the efforts of the GBCTA further all the information is available on their website, including the free downloads of the trail maps and information on upcoming events in the area; projects that are currently being developed; and information on volunteering with the association.


Website link: http://www.braggcreektrails.org/

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