How do we get to know our product?


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Have you ever wondered how we get to know the product we sell? It is simple we have product knowledge sessions, and we test the product we sell, we find out where is works and where is does not. With research our goal and our incessant desire to try out gear we embarked on a shoe and watch demo, but in typical Out There fashion, it was not your stereotypical shoe demo involving a few laps of the trails and return. With great contributions from all the brands involved we together a scavenger hunt to get the pulse racing and pique our competiveness! Hosted in Edworthy Park, in teams of two everyone set off to find and photograph the required items. Flora and fauna aside the list of things was irregular and certainly caused some inquisitive reactions from onlookers, the highlights of the task included rock ‘tonguing’, climbing frame hanging, sign appreciation, multiplayer sliding and gathering GPS co-ordinates for Tyler’s favourite hiding spots! The competition was furious with the teams racing around frantically searching high and low for the best rock to tongue and something holy, but it was ingenuity rather than all out speed that was the victor with Rob and Mark taking the spoils of victory.

However, despite what Rob and Mark will insist was an epic victory the best thing that was achieved from our small competition was a more intimate knowledge of how to operate our Suunto GPS watches in a pressure based environment (I mean who doesn’t want to win!) and test out various models of shoes from The North Face, Salomon and Merrell in a situation that required every conceivable speed of travel, climbing, clambering, hopping and other ‘agile’ manoeuvres over various footings.

With a sufficient appetite worked up and product fully sampled, everyone capitalised on the barbeque like only outdoor retailer staff can and made short work of the food provided. We wrapped the day up with some slack-line leisure time.

All in all, we successfully gained knowledge of our products and filled our stomachs and had a great laugh along the way, everything was, in fact, awesome!

This type of event embodies our spirit and philosophy here at Out There Adventure Centre, we are very ‘gear’ orientated, keen to try out the latest technologies and a very close team of people who work very hard to provide the best advice we can to anyone who needs it, but most of all we like to have fun and operate in a very light hearted way.

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